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Our Professional Turf Care Services

Every homeowner desires a lush, green lawn. Our turf care solutions and comprehensive lawn care services at The Rick’s Group Landscape Management are intended to treat more than just your grass. Our goal is to improve the health and vitality of your grass by evaluating and correcting your soil and even introducing new and improved turf variations. This will raise natural resistance to weeds, disease, and drought conditions. Our turf care services include:

Turf Care Programs Only high-quality timed-release fertilizers including organic matter and micronutrients are used in our Turf Care Programs, resulting in continuously green turf. We also employ low phosphorus formulations that are less susceptible to leaching and runoff. Using spot weed treatments means that fewer chemicals are applied to your lawn.

Our programs include thorough soil analysis to identify any soil deficiencies as well as curative advice to help you balance your soil. A well-balanced soil will ensure that all nutrients are available for your turf to utilize, resulting in significantly improved turf health and hardiness..

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding Aeration and overseeding are necessary for a healthy lawn. They revive the lawn and produce new growth to counteract the strains exerted on the grass each year when done on a regular basis, especially in the fall. This method keeps the lawn full and healthy, and it is the best way to establish weed control because it leaves very little place for weeds to germinate and flourish. Thatch layers thicken over time, soil compaction increases, and gases accumulate in root zones.

Thatch is an organic matter layer that forms between the grass and the soil surface. When the thatch layer develops excessively thick, it can prevent nutrients and oxygen from reaching the root zone, retain extra water during rainy seasons, and contain vast populations of disease-causing organisms and insects. Lawn aeration aids in the removal of this layer, as does the removal of soil cores. This is done on a regular basis to maintain the thatch layer under control and manageable.

Grass requires roots to grow and thrive. Soil compaction has a direct impact on and reduces root growth. The soil must be light and porous for root hairs to penetrate and deliver nutrients and water to the grass. Soil compaction can occur as a result of organic matter decomposition in the soil, which reduces pore space, as well as mechanical causes such as foot traffic and lawnmowers. By breaking up the soil and allowing more pore space for roots to thrive, aeration helps to prevent compaction.

Gases that accumulate in the root zone as a result of organic matter decomposition can impede root growth and considerably weaken the grass. Aeration allows these gases to escape and be exchanged for oxygen, which causes roots to grow deeper into the soil and give more nutrients and water.

Overseeding promotes new growth in a lawn, particularly in areas that have thinned or grown weak. When combined with aeration, it can provide the lawn with a much-needed lift. Our lawn maintenance programs only use high-quality certified seeds from kinds that have been proven to thrive in this part of the country. We choose seed types and varieties based on the property’s environment. The kinds chosen are also more disease resistant and handle stress better than others.

Soil Correction. The foundation of a healthy lawn is optimal soil conditions, and soil correction may be required in some circumstances. Soil testing is necessary to ensure that the chemistry is appropriately balanced to promote growth. A thorough test is performed utilizing soil cores collected from several locations on the property to provide a view of the soil’s general health and what needs to be addressed.

Many soil situations are unique due to the property’s history, climate circumstances, and previous treatments. If nutrients are not checked and treated, they will accumulate or decrease over time. Lime, gypsum, potash, and other soil corrections or amendments can solve a range of conditions that inhibit grass growth.

Knowing the nutrient levels in the soil also allows us to plan our fertilizer treatments and get the most out of them. Healthy soil allows the grass to withstand varying weather conditions throughout the year, aids in the prevention of turf diseases and insect problems, and makes fertilizer treatments far more effective.

Sod & Renovations If a lawn has a lot of problems or was recently constructed, a full lawn makeover or sodding may be the best solution depending on the situation. We can assist you in selecting the finest alternative and provide all the information required to make the best decision.

Top Dressing the lawn involves spreading a thin layer of compost soil over it to help renew the soil with organic matter and offer an excellent seedbed. This, in conjunction with aeration and slit seeding, can swiftly and efficiently restore a lawn in poor condition by enriching the soil and facilitating rapid seed germination. Each lawn rehabilitation is done in the most effective way to solve the lawn’s current difficulties.

Sodding is the quickest method to a full and healthy lawn, and when combined with an inground sprinkler system, the property is quickly transformed. It is possible to go from having no grass to having a lush green lawn in just a few days. Our lawn maintenance programs exclusively employ high-quality sod kinds that are correctly installed to ensure long-term growth. Starting with sod also makes lawn maintenance easier because you’re starting with a healthy stand of grass that was grown and cultivated in ideal conditions. Sod can also be particularly useful on slopes or other erodible areas by acting as a natural barrier to keep soil in place.

Lawn treatment. Discoloration and patchiness can ruin the look of your lawn, but The Rick’s Group Landscape Management can get your grass back to its green glory in no time. Give us a call today, and one of our lawn care experts will be able to help you out.


Why Choose The Rick’s Group Turf Care Services?

The Rick’s Group team members are certified and trained in the most recent turf care standards and horticulturally proper landscape maintenance procedures. We have professional masons, irrigation and landscape lighting installation and service specialists, hardscape experts, horticulturists, turf, and plant health care specialists for your trees and shrubs on our team. You can expect:

· Unparalleled Customer Service

· Superior Quality

· Fully Insured

· Competitive Prices

· Experts in the Industry

· Professional Team

We are more than just expert turf care specialists. Our team has been trained to pay close attention to detail. From where and how to securely park a truck while working on your property to keeping a job site clean and safe throughout the duration of the project. Call Rick’s Group today for your turf care needs.

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